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The debut novel of Daniel McKeown, scheduled for release this September by Inspired Quill, is a military thriller set two years after the events of 9/11. Taking place over the course of two days, the story follows the exploits of five characters as they attempt to stop a terrorist plan so devious that if the terrorists succeed they will gain an inexorable advantage in the War on Terror.

Pinned down in an Afghan war zone, fighting Taleban extremists hell-bent on killing him, the last thing Marine Corps Sergeant-Major Jack Carlos expects when the battle ends is to be told to return to base camp for extraction home. That's exactly what he and his second-in-command, Master-Sergeant Julio Gyle, are ordered to do. Within twelve hours, both are transported to a secure jungle facility on American soil. Stripped of all weapons and items, save for a map and rations, they're instructed to negotiate the terrain and find the command centre, where they will be fully briefed. Before they can fathom what is happening, several black-clad men emerge from the jungle and take them prisoner. Soon, not only are they fighting for their careers, they're also fighting for their lives.

In Russia, FBI deep-cover agent Troy Davies has spent 18 months infiltrating Pavel Kirov's network of terrorists. The Russian arms dealer has been on the Bureau's most wanted list for some time, but just as Davies gets close enough to ensnare him, his cover is blown and he's forced to go on the run . . . but not before he discovers Kirov's plan to attack America. As he returns home, an FBI retrieval team awaits him at LaGuardia. But Davies has gone dark to protect himself. Their presence spooks him and he panics, opening fire in the crowded airport. As the dust settles, the Bureau assumes Davies has gone dark. He assumes they've set him up. As the FBI race to find him, and he tries to figure out who he can trust, a third entity enters the equation: Vladimir Pushkin, a remorseless killer-for-hire. Kirov wants Davies silenced while his team prepare their attack.

In New York City, an unexpected phone call presents Peter Hunt with an opportunity for revenge. His old computer firm, who fired him without due cause over a year earlier, desperately need his help. Shortly before his dismissal, Hunt was about to uncover something sinister about the company. He knows that's why he was fired. His return allows him to delve deeper into ATARIC. What he finds, though, not only stuns him his very core, it also carries chilling implications for the future of America. For if he's right, the building is not a computer firm at all. It contains something much worse. Something every terrorist in the world would kill to get their hands on.

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